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What qualifies Dr. Barone to perform my plastic surgery?

As a practicing surgeon in the Tampa Bay area, which includes Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Sarasota, she's board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Her formal training includes plastic surgery, general surgery, and wound healing. She has over 10 years of experience as a fully certified plastic surgeon.

Why should I choose Dr. Barone for my surgery?

Dr. Barone offers skills and abilities that many plastic surgeons do not:

  • A holistic approach - Rather than simply performing a surgery, Dr. Barone develops a customized plan based upon intensive questioning and discussion of each patient's needs, goals, and overall health.
  • Specialized knowledge of wound healing - Specialized knowledge of wound healing- Compared to other physicians, Dr. Barone has a more thorough understanding the physiology of normal wound healing, down to the biomolecular level as well as the pathophysiology of abnormal wound healing such as keloids, hypertrophic scars and wound failures. Her two year research fellowship was at the renowned Wound Healing Research Laboratory at the Medical College of Virginia, under the mentorship of Bob Diegelmann, PhD.  She has continued to enhance and apply her knowledge of wound healing in clinical practice for the day to day care of patients and problem wounds.
  • Specialized techniques - Dr. Barone has spent several years honing her techniques including Awake Liposuction (without general anesthesia), and traditional liposuction.

If I schedule a consultation, what are my obligations?

Absolutely nothing! Dr. Barone offers complimentary consultations and works alongside you to determine the right plan. This allows you to decide what's best for you without extra pressure.

What are my financing options?

This depends on each patient's financial situation. We work with MedicalFinancing.com to offer multiple financing options. This way you can choose what's best for you.